The Value of Volunteering

It's a well known fact that volunteering and helping others can give you a great sense of personal satisfaction and pride, but there are other benefits intrinsically linked to that feel good factor. There are a number of personal health benefits to caring for others which can have a positive impact on your business.

Allowing your staff to dedicate some of their work time to charitable activities can improve employee performance by boosting productivity as well as encouraging good ethical behaviour and a sense of pride in their work and organisation. Here are our six reasons why volunteering can be so valuable to your business.

Financial Value:
Research by the Join In Trust in 2014 estimated the total annual financial value of sports-based volunteering alone to be £53 billion. The Join In Trust have combined the emerging science of the economics of well-being with traditional approaches and wider industry research in order to value the contribution of volunteering in sport to society by adding the following factors:

1 The economic value of the time given by the volunteer.

2 The value of the personal well-being, mental and physical benefits to the volunteer.

3 The participation capacity and benefits that every volunteer enables.

You can read the full report on this link.

Time Management:
Many people want to volunteer or to be able to give some kind of help to charity but can't find time in their busy lives to do it. Having an employer that sponsors and facilitates charitable activities especially during work hours gives employees the opportunity to volunteer without feeling guilty about taking time away from their work or family life to help others. This is a great way to fit in charitable work without trying to squeeze yet another item into their jam-packed schedules.

Employee Gratification:
Giving employees a chance to give back to their communities also helps to nurture a sense of pride in themselves as well as their organisation. Employees are likely to be proud to work for a company that supports charitable programs, which can lead to increased loyalty and improved morale.

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Marketing Exposure:
While it is a less direct approach to marketing and can be seen as a drip feed social media exposure, you can't rule out the fact that many consumers (whether of product or service) make buying decisions based on how they feel about a company. Everyone knows the saying 'people buy from people'. By sponsoring a charity and showing off your human and giving side you're presenting your business in a positive light by demonstrating that you care about people, your community, the environment, etc.

Reduced Stress:
It is a proven fact that people who volunteer and make charitable contributions to society are likely to have reduced rates of stress. A research conducted by John Hopkins University and the University of Tennessee found that charitable givers experience reduced rates of stress and lower blood pressure compared to those who do not give.

Tax Break:
There are all kinds of reasons businesses give to charity including, as mentioned above, positive public image and employee morale but did you know a limited company that gives to charity can pay less corporation tax? This includes giving money; items you produce or sell; land, property or shares in another company; secondment of your employees and sponsorship payments.

If you have been following our social media you will notice we have been diving into our charitable side by volunteering and supporting charities. We are proud to say the ChadSan team have volunteered for Halow - a charity that helps young people with learning difficulties. We are supporters of the Join In Trust - a charity that encourages volunteers to get active in their local communities and we have even hosted a bake sale for Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning. The ChadSan team also participated in the GiveBackUk charity by taking part in the Small Charity Week and Big Advice Day.