The times they are a changin'

Here @ChadSanHQ we’re excited, really excited ( an incongruous thought we know… )

We’ve just rebranded and launched our new website (thank you to our friends at, but more on that later. To start with here’s why we’re excited and more importantly, in our humble opinion, why you should be too.

We don’t want to dwell on the past but for the sake of context;

Imagine a world where some years you didn't know the true financial performance of your business until the statutory accounts were finally published, up to 21 months after you’d welcomed your first customers of a bright new year through the door.

Imagine a world where bookkeeping was a function performed by someone you didn't really know who came and sat in the corner of your office once a fortnight pushing paper and tapping data into a black box.

The times they are a changin’…

Thanks to a hugely innovative cocktail of SME focused, cloud based technologies, opportunities previously the preserve of Amazon, Google et al are now open for all:

  • Real time online financial data is now an affordable reality for even the smallest of businesses (see Beautiful accounting software? We couldn’t agree more
  • Tired of constantly chasing staff to hand over those pesky receipts, oh they’ve lost them…no more data entry (see
  • You don’t have to work in the Apple store to wander the shop floor and sell to customers on your iPad. Thank you cloud based POS (see
  • Did the tenant pay that last service charge instalment and what date was the break clause in their lease? Say goodbye to the lever arch file with smarter property management (see
  • All the while keeping a constant dialogue open with your customers in real time through social media channels

A brave new world maybe but big business is having its traditional barriers to entry shredded through technological advances. Game on for the SME.

Hang on, you’re bean counters, where do you fit in? Well, we passionately believe that what you should expect and demand from your accountant has changed. Yes the technical tax and accounting credentials are vital, but more than that you should look for an accountant who challenges you, hunts for efficiency gains and ultimately helps you grow.

All of this brings us back to the reasons behind the launch of our shiny new website and brand. This isn't all about trying to convince you that we’re down with the kids. We genuinely want to establish a rolling dialogue with our clients and the wider business world so that we can learn more about what you, the small business owner and entrepreneur, are excited by, frustrated by, intrigued by and motivated by.

Finally, although we’re new to the blogosphere, we’re not new to talking. Over time we’ll share more of our thoughts through regular blog and social media posts.

We’ll continue to strive to take sides and express independent opinion with our goal of helping you #lookbeyondthenumbers.