Statutory Sick Pay

Anyone off sick due to COVID-19 should receive Statutory Sick Pay from day 1 instead of day 4. The current rate of sick pay is £95.85 per week. If your company policy is to pay full pay (e.g. from day 4) then you are still entitled to do so. However, small employers (businesses with <250 employees) will be entitled to reclaim Statutory Sick Pay for 14 days (2 weeks including weekends) for each employee who has taken sick leave due to COVID-19.

The government has outlined that these sick pay measures are available for those who are:

  • Infected with COVID-19
  • Self-isolating in line with government advice

  • Usually employers require a sick note from a doctor in order to continue sick pay past 7 days’ sickness. However, the government is asking that you relax these requirements as it is not necessarily possible to get a sick note for COVID-19 given the majority of those suffering will not attend surgeries or hospitals.

    If we need to process sick pay for any of your employees due to the virus, we will be able to process this via Xero payroll and it will calculate what is payable based on the current rate of sick pay of £95.85 per week. In terms of reclaiming any amounts from the government, this can be done online and we will assist with this if needed. Please ensure that you provide your Client Manager with full details of staff absences, as it is important that detailed records are retained to support a reclaim.

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