Start Up Stories - Partisan Cheesemongers

1. How did you get your business started?

Partisan Cheesemonger & Deli is the product of a long friendship, a shared obsession with cheese and a love of small, independent and locally focused shops. After many years of working in London, in 2015 my friend Owen and I came to the realisation that it was time to change our lifestyles to suit our passions in life. We wanted to run a food related business. We considered a restaurant or pub but with very young children decided that retail was the best option. With the support of our families and most notably our wives, almost a year later we were able to open the doors of our first shop.

2. Was there a time you wanted to quit? And how did you deal with that situation or overcome it?

During the first 18 months both Owen and I had our second children and having a young family and a new business put a lot of strain on our lives. Although we retained our passion for the the business it did not make enough money in the the early days (still doesn’t!) to properly recompense us for time we were putting into the venture. We considered returning to our London jobs on numerous occasions but reconnecting with the primary reasons for setting up the business brought us though.

3. Favourite thing about being an owner?

I love the autonomy of being a business owner. You can make instant decisions and get things moving. No waiting for large meetings or designing complex project plans. Success is genuinely down to your ideas and effort. On the flip side, you can’t hide from failure!

3. What has being a business owner taught you?

Being in business has taught me how resourceful and resilient I am. Everyday I am learning new things which at the start was maybe daunting but once I realised this was always going to be part of running a business it become challenging and fun.

4. What advice would you give someone that wants to launch their own business?

What are you waiting for? Don’t wait for perfection, there are always a hundred reasons why now is not the right time but if you want something just do it. I wish I had opened my business 10 years earlier. There is loads of advice out there, get a good business mentor an accountant you trust then just open both eyes and jump off the cliff!