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Our firms’ ethos has always been to encourage a dialogue with our clients – it’s the best way to find out what they want to achieve for their business and how we can help them to achieve it.

From day one our firm has championed the use of cloud technology as a means of facilitating that dialogue - as a way of providing our clients with up to date financial data that can be used to develop meaningful insights and advice.

Technology in the accountancy sector is developing at a frightening pace, which is fantastic news for small business owners who can now call upon resources and tools that in the not too distant past were only available to the largest multi-national corporations. It’s even better news for progressive firms such as Chaddesley Sanford who can now utilise these tools to provide the “proactive” service that accountants have been promising for decades but are only now in a position to deliver.

The challenge for us though is keeping up with the technology and making sure that our clients are using the very

crunchbest tools for their businesses.

With that in mind we’re delighted to announce the latest exciting development in our mission to provide the best possible service levels to our clients.

Over the past couple of years a number of powerful, cloud based reporting and forecasting tools have been develo

CrunchBoards has taken that concept one step further by offering the ability to upload non-financial data and to build multiple scenario forecasts, both of which can be reported against the information pulled in daily from Xero in multiple visual formats.ped to meet a growing demand to take the raw financial data that is captured and processed within Xero and convert it into a visual dashboard of key performance indicators.

We’re offering a full subscription to CrunchBoards (worth £29.99 + VAT a month) for free and as standard to all of our clients, new and old. We’ll even help you build your first set of KPI’s.

Simple to use, hugely powerful in terms of its functionality and fully integrated with Xero, CrunchBoards offers the opportunity for the small business owner to monitor and evaluate in real time the performance of their business against their expectations and goals.