Crowdfunding with NextUp

NextUp Comedy, the streaming service helping stand-up comedy fans to access a gold mine of comedy shows all in one place, are running a crowdfunding campaign over on Crowdcube. We had a chat with the co-founder Daniel Berg to get some insights into his experience with crowdfunding.

How did you decide on what platform to use for crowdfunding?

We’ve actually already used Seedrs last year and it was great. As this is a new round, we though it was worth reaching a whole new audience on Crowdcube. Their platform also looks great and is well regarded in the industry for making investing as easy as possible.

How has your experience with crowdfunding been?

Crowdfunding is an amazing enabler - it allows more people than ever to own a real share of the company for as little as £10 and to come along on our journey of being 'the home of stand-up comedy’. It’s a time consuming endeavour but it’s definitely worth it - we’ve already recently welcomed on-board the creator of the video game Grand Theft Auto as an investor and are overfunding with a goal of getting to 200%!

Do you have any tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign?

The key things we’ve learned are the importance of planning, building up the campaign and making sure your entire network (and beyond) is ready for day 1 so you make a great start. Most crowdfunding platforms also require a pre-commitment of investment before they allow you on the platform which is important to bear in mind (we were lucky that our current investors are backing us so we launched with 65% already complete!). And finally - I think it’s important to enjoy it, even when the work-load mounts up - remember that you’re raising investment and building your company from everyday people which is an amazing thing to be part of.