ChadSan in the Spotlight - Samuel Mitchell

1) What do you consider to be the biggest challenge facing the accounting profession today?

Cloud technology poses a significant challenge to those in the accounting profession who are yet to make the switch. The technology allows clients and accountants to spend less time focusing on the compliance tasks that don’t necessarily help their business grow. It’s an exciting time for the accounting firms who embrace the technology! They can use the efficiency gains and additional time to offer their clients a more bespoke service focusing on strategic business advice and value-added services. The services a client will find useful when they grow their business!

2) How do you answer questions from clients who don't have any background in accounting?

I try to cut out all of the accounting jargon when I respond to their queries.

3) What got you in accountancy?

I have always been fascinated by different markets and businesses. A career in accountancy will provide me with an opportunity to work with a wide variety of businesses. I will be in a position where I can help clients with the issues they are facing, and I will be able to support them break down their data so that they can make more informed decisions.

4) What is your favourite part of your job?

I really enjoy working at a small firm. I have more responsibilities and client interaction than I would have elsewhere. Additionally, the support and training structures in place are really helpful as I begin my ACA qualification.

5) If you weren't an accountant what would you do as a profession?

When I was younger, I had many different career paths that I wanted to follow. A pilot, a professional sportsman and joining the army were all a close second to me wanting to be an accountant. Before I joined Chadsan I used to play a lot of rugby. The photo attached is of me and a few mates after we won the final of the university Young Guns competition against the University of Johannesburg in 2016! Unfortunately, the trophy had holes in it!

Bonus) Do you have an interesting fact about yourself?

I am no stranger to change! I went to four different schools and two different universities. I have also lived in South Africa and England (across four different cities). I am only 23 and I have lost count at how many times I have moved to a different house. I would guess around twenty times!