ChadSan in the Spotlight - Samuel Jowett

1) What got you into accounting?

I thought it would be a good foundation to start a career. Being an accountant would give me a great opportunity to learn how a business works.

2) What do you find most challenging in being an accountant?

The amount of responsibility involved in helping clients is constantly on my mind. My clients depend on me for crucial information to help the business grow and move forward.

3) What is your favourite part of your job?

I think its the fact that I am the first port of call to my clients. I love being in a position where I proactively speak to my clients and help them by giving business advice.

4) What would you have been if not an accountant?

Probably a football player, I used to play semi-pro!

5) What has interacting with your clients taught you?

The importance of the numbers. Obviously everyone is aware that it's important to know about your business' cashflow but after working so closely with my clients I realised just how vital it is for your business. The more you know the better you can budget and create accurate forecasts for your business future.

Bonus) What advice would you give your clients / business directors?

Take time to understand your finances, the more you understand the better youre going to be at running your business.