ChadSan in the Spotlight - Joel Dailey

1) I’d like to start your interview a little bit differently and ask you about your lush beard. How did this all happen?
I think it was due to lack of hair on my head. I try to balance it out by having a beard. Also I do it because I can, it’s a challenge to grow a good beard.

2) What attracted you to accounting?
I spent 2 years not knowing what career path to take with a few dead end jobs so I did some research and really liked the fact that accounting is a career in which I could start at the beginning and progress from there.

3) What would you have been if not an accountant?
Something to do with art, when I was younger I would spend hours drawing and painting. I am a big fan of graphics and pop art.

4) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I’d like to be spending more time developing the business and working the more strategic side of things. I believe that if you have a good product you don’t have to push and I strongly believe in what we do here at Chaddesley Sanford. So to be honest I think the question is not just where will I be but where will the company be? When I started working here we were only 5 people and a year on we have grown and developed so much! Who knows what the future brings.

5) What’s your favourite book?
I’m a little embarrassed to answer this one because I often find myself reading books aimed at young adults but I really do enjoy medieval fantasy like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. I recently enjoyed reading Silmarillion by J R R Tolkien, a book that explains who everyone is and where they came from in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Many people said they found this book boring but I loved it because it helped with the understanding of the events in the other books...I think that falls back to why I became an accountant, I like things to be logical and make sense.

Bonus: If you could give your directors one suggestion what would it be?
As we are growing so quickly it would be to perhaps start looking for a bigger office for both Guildford and London.