ChadSan in the Spotlight - Hannah Wyatt

1. As a new accountant, what are the challenges you face and how do you overcome them?

As a new accountant, I still have a lot to learn so since taking over my clients I have struggled to answer some of their questions; I worry that clients will begin to not trust me with their accounts if I can’t answer their questions. Luckily, David is always around to help answer these and the clients I have taken over so far have been really understanding and patient with the fact that I am training. But as time has gone on, and will go on, I am learning more and more from both the work I am doing and my studying, so hopefully I won’t have to keep bombarding David with all my questions!

2. You work in the ChadSan Essex office but have also worked in the London and Guildford office, how do you feel they differentiate?

There are only 3 of us in the Essex office so working in London/Guilford is a lot busier, which can be a nice change to our small team dynamic. It’s also really good to see everyone else otherwise we’d only see each other a few times in the year!

3. Why did you want to be an accountant?

I’ve always worked in finance and can’t imagine working in an industry where I’m not dealing with money. Having worked on an accounts team in the past, I am really interested in finding out how businesses work, and I think accountancy opens that door to so many different types of companies in different types of industries. It’s also really great to be in a role where the knowledge I am gaining from my studies is applicable to my day to day job.

4. What is your favourite part of your job?

I enjoy speaking to clients and finding out about their business and how their company works, this really helps build good and trusting relationships with clients.

5. If you weren’t an accountant, what would you be?

I think if I was not an accountant or anything finance related, I would like to work with animals. I’ve always loved the idea of training guide dogs, and have been looking into volunteering to walk dogs that are in their training.