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The times they are a changin'

Here @ChadSanHQ we’re excited, really excited ( an incongruous thought we know… )We’ve just rebranded and launched our new website (thank you to our friends at wearefarm.com), but more on that later. To start with here’s why we’re excited and more importantly, in our humble opinion, why you should be too.We don’t want to dwell on the past but for the sake of context;Imagine a world where some years you didn't know the true financial ...

We're all "disrupters" now

Reading this blog will make you rich. Er, sorry no it won't, but I could hardly start with last week we attended the UK's largest cloud accounting conference, Xerocon 2015, and expect any of you to still be reading. However, as an SME the message Xerocon sent is absolutely worth your while - get in the cloud, automation is only the beginning. Starting with some context, David Rowan of Wired magazine gave a fascinating insight ...

Visit the Swansea Tidal Lagoon for Less (and other budget matters)

So there we have it – “comeback” George has fired his final pre-election salvo in the form of the 2015 budget.In all honesty, policy wise there was nothing particularly ground breaking in there and, as seems to be the norm these days, anything mildly interesting had been leaked or announced well in advance.Never the less his “didn’t we do well” speech, as well as Miliband’s “liar, liar” response, made for a fascinating preview of the ...

Triple venti, soy, no foam latte

We work with a number of independent cafés who often dazzle us with their innovative brand approach, unique food and drink offering and spectacular shop fit outs. They need that extra edge to compete with the monotonous and seemingly relentless march of Pret. While as accountants there’s little we bring to the creative output, we do often get asked about the optimum way to set up the infrastructure that enables a café to buy, sell, ...

Banker Bashing

Banker bashing appears to have become a national pastime for certain sectors of the great British electorate in recent times. Of course it’s all gone a bit quiet right now (I can only imagine recent events have given those of a certain political persuasion different priorities to focus on) but pre-election it’s been pretty much seven solid years of blaming all of the world’s ills on a small group of professionals who, prior to 2008 ...

Top 5 Bookkeeping Tips

We spend a great deal of our time working with clients to ensure they have the optimum mix of systems, processes and controls in place to get accurate financial data as near to real time as possible, in an efficient and cost effective manner. At the core of this is the approach taken to bookkeeping. These are our top 5 tips to managing your bookkeeping:Automate bill and receipt data entry - Receipt Bank limits the ...

Forget about the pennies & spend your time making sure the pounds roll in!

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”. Another one of my grandfather’s favourite pearls of wisdom (although I’m not sure he wins any prizes for originality on that one).

If you’ve read my previous blogs (see “Is DIY Anti-Capitalist” in particular) you’ll have realised that I set a lot of store on the sage advice handed down by Gambold senior but I’m afraid on this one ...

Not Just Cricket

At the beginning of the summer the prognosis was grim. The English cricket team had just been knocked out of the world cup culminating in a defeat by Bangladesh, the Kevin Pietersen debacle stubbornly dragged on and the humiliation of the previous year’s Ashes whitewash in Australia lingered. “Don’t watch, just hide behind the sofa” was the cry of an ex-England opening batsmen turned pundit. Yet here we are after a truly fantastic summer of ...

What do cloud accounting, an expedition across Antarctica and a vodka slide have in common?

On the 9th and 10th February, the Chaddesley Sanford team grabbed coffee and their smartphones and set on their way to Battersea Park for Xerocon 2016! We couldn’t wait to get to the event to experience and learn about the latest developments Xero have been working on for the past year and get inspired with new cloud based technology we could inform our clients about. There is also an element of fun to the event ...

Chaddesley Sanford Wins Silver Award For Responsive Website!

We are thrilled that our hard work paid off! Our website was fully designed in-house to showcase our passion for technology, give the user a clear and visual message of what we do, as well as being easy to navigate through; whether you are viewing on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.All in all, it was an exceptional evening and perfect opportunity to network with other digitally focussed local businesses. The evening started with a lovely ...

The Pukka Budget

Although it came as no surprise the economic news was, well “paradoxical” – growth was cut from 2.4% to 2% for this year and from 2.5% to 2.2% for next year, borrowing forecasts were raised and there was a failure to meet the pledge to cut debt as a percentage of GDP every year. Or as Mr Osborne put it “The combination of our action to reduce borrowing this year, along with the revision to ...

Let's Talk...

Our firms’ ethos has always been to encourage a dialogue with our clients - it’s the best way to find out what they want to achieve for their business and how we can help them to achieve it.

Chaddesley Sanford Takes On The Crystal Maze!

On May 18th the Chaddesley Sanford team headed to London for our much anticipated team day!

Proud Supporters of GiveBack UK

The ChadSan team have embraced Small Charity Week (13th to 18th June) and have signed up for Big Advice Day!

Adrenaline-fuelled Kart Racing With Damon Hill

On June 22nd the Chaddesley Sanford team headed to the Daytona Sandown Park to take part in the fifth annual Damon Hill Karting Challange!

ChadSan in the Spotlight - Daniel Barnes

1) What attracted you to accounting?

I think its mainly because it gives me the opportunity to study towards a globally recognised qualification. There is also a satisfaction in seeing things fall into place because accounting is very logical.

ChadSan in the Spotlight - Lija Rahman

1) What attracted you to accounting?

I studied economics which was my first business experience and from then I knew I wanted to go into finance. It was clear to me that an accountant is someone every business needs so I know there will always be a demand for one.

The Value of Volunteering

It's a well known fact that volunteering and helping others can give you a great sense of personal satisfaction and pride, but there are other benefits intrinsically linked to that feel good factor. There are a number of personal health benefits to caring for others which can have a positive impact on your business.

ChadSan in the Spotlight - Joel Dailey

1) I’d like to start your interview a little bit differently and ask you about your lush beard. How did this all happen?

I think it was due to lack of hair on my head. I try to balance it out by having a beard. Also I do it because I can, it’s a challenge to grow a good beard.

ChadSan in the Spotlight - Rachel Elvin

1) What got you into the tax side of accounting?

Tax rules change all the time so I think it's the fact that it keeps me on my toes.

ChadSan in the Spotlight - Sophy Ghosh

1) What’s your favourite part of the job?

I enjoy working with businesses and companies and helping them to grow. It’s great when my new clients become successful and turn their first quarter’s profit, and equally satisfying to see our more established clients open new branches and grow their workforce and turnover.

ChadSan in the Spotlight - Sean Hookins

1) What is the most frequently asked question by a client?

Should my business register for VAT and what are the pros and cons. It's crucial that all of the implications are thought through when a business makes a decision like this.

ChadSan in the Spotlight - Adrian Pubrat

1) What attracted you to accounting?

Since I was a child I've always been good at maths and it was my favourite subject at school so I knew I wanted to work with numbers in the future. Working at the ChadSan office and managing client businesses assured me that accountancy is the right choice for me...

ChadSan in the Spotlight - Matthew Gambold

1) What got you into accounting?

I’ve always been interested in numbers and economics. Even as I child I kept a detailed spreadsheet of the amounts everyone (my parents included) owed me. I was possibly a bit more relaxed about keeping track of what I owed them!

Xerocon 2017

On 4th and 5th October the whole ChadSan team joined 2,000 accountants in London for Xerocon 2017. It was an excellent opportunity to learn about the pipeline of new features coming to Xero, find out more about Xero Add-on partners and do some networking with our peers...

Accounting Jargon; What a load of Waffle!

A common gripe with accounting echoed by many start-up and small business owners we meet is the sheer amount of jargon used within the industry.

And tax it seems, is a language all of its own...

ChadSan Breeze

What key ingredients make up the unique cocktail of services offered by Chaddesley Sanford...

3 Ways to share and receive business love

1. Build your network!

Networking is an uncomfortable thing to do but it's incredibly important and the main thing to remember is that networking takes time. The cardinal sin is to think you'll win new work straight away based entirely on your charm and your chat...

Why are business mistakes important?

What was your biggest business mistake?

Find out what our directors Matthew Gambold and Edward Sanford have to say.

Tax Treatment of Annual Staff Parties

Where an "annual party or similar annual function" is generally available to all employees, this is not taxable on the employees provided that the cost per head including VAT does not exceed £150...

Looking back at 2017

While we have already launched full throttle into 2018 we have had a look back on what we achieved, learned and shared throughout 2017.

Start-Up Stories - Racing Green

1. Why did you want to be a small business owner?

I originally started as an employee in a family-owned architectural practice in Denmark. After several years I joined a much larger practice from Spain working on airport and stadium projects. Having reached the position of a regional director, I realised I it was the right time to start a business of my own...

Start Up Stories - Superstring / Headspun Game

1. How did you get started in being a business owner?

I've always had side-projects and creative endeavors I wanted to pursue outside of work. With my latest - Headspun, a game-idea I'd had for years - I decided to form a company to treat the idea with respect, and release the product properly.

Tax on Employee Tips

VAT margin scheme

An Introduction to CIS

Option to tax land & buildings

Reporting for Academies

Residency, domicile & UK taxation

Business start-ups Key Financial Decisions

Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) Scheme

Incorporation of property investments

VAT for Academies

Entrepreneur's Relief

Flat rate VAT schemes

VAT Overview on construction and renovation of properties

Setting Capital Losses Against Income

Negligible Value Claims

Xero VAT Rates on Purchases

Auto Enrolment

Research and Development Tax Relief

Video Games Tax Relief

UK Games Fund

Investors Relief

What Scares New Business Owners?

Kickstarter: The Tax Implications of Crowd Funding

MOSS: Mini One Stop Shop

Pension Auto Enrolment

The Patent Box Whitepaper

Should I Incorporate My Business

Tax Exemption For Trivial Benefits

Why Should I Move to the Cloud?

Flat Rate VAT Scheme

Start Up Stories - Chaddesley Sanford

How do I Calculate my Working From Home Expenses in 5 Steps